Searching for Great Hikes

DayHiker Mobile Application

designing A better way to search for great hikes

Dayhiker iPhone Mockups


One month


This project was created and executed entirely by me


Tools and Methods

  • Comparative analysis

  • User research through surveys and interviews

  • Design strategy and concept design

  • Iterative prototyping and usability testing

  • Interaction design

  • UI design


The Problem

There are a wide variety of factors that hikers consider when choosing a trail, such as the length of the trail, difficulty, and crowds. Taking all of these factors into account means that searching for a place to go can be time-consuming.


The Solution

Create a set of search filters that will make it easier for hikers to find exactly the kind of experience they want.



user surveys

What do hikers want?

In order to determine the parameters of the search, I needed to get a sense of what people want. I sent out a survey to people in the outdoors and tech community to determine what the most important factors are in searching for hikes.


Survey Results: Hike Qualities.png


Users as trail guides

I interviewed 7 different users from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels and used them to develop a persona that would act as a guideline for my design decisions.


prototyping: version #1

wireframe userflow.png

My first iteration was a two-page set of questions that hikers must answer in order to see results. This tested reasonably well with users, but following the adage that the best form is no form, I wondered if there was a way to improve this by simplifying it.

comparative analysis

I looked to Yelp and Airbnb for examples of how other companies had approached searches that include a large number of filters.

Yelp and Airbnb search filters

Yelp and Airbnb search filters


Final Product

let’s explore

Homepage info.png

The new version has one page of filter options that users can choose to edit, or stick to default options that were selected based on survey feedback.

Case study: Rewards.png

Search Page details.png

Search Results Page info.png

Next Steps

The new iteration needs to be tested with users to verify that it is intuitive and easy to use. Stay tuned for usability testing results.